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I am Parel Strik (Brussels, 1997) currently residing in Rotterdam. My artistic practice is about the transformative powers of encounters and dialogue in public space, with a deeper interest in fostering connections and exploring themes of hospitality, self-care and sustainability.


After graduating from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2022, where I explored the “Ingredients of an Encounter '' through Transformation Design, I am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Fine Art at HKU. In addition to that I play a pivotal role as a programmer and connector for the Rotterdamse Vrijheidsmaaltijden, where I orchestrate events celebrating freedom, diversity, and communal connections.


My working space is not confined to a studio, it extends into the public realm, where I facilitate experiences that invite people to come together and challenge established norms collectively.

At the heart of my practice is the belief in the profound significance of the dinner table as a symbolic space for meaningful human connections. I believe that the act of meeting each other at the dinner table is a potent metaphor for coming together, sharing stories, and nurturing relationships.


Through my art, I aspire to nurture not only connections but also a deeper understanding of the care we extend to others, which is intrinsically tied to the care we offer ourselves.



















2020                                        ____

         Museumnacht Rotterdam -'Where do you sit?' - Het Nieuwe Instituut


         Grondstoffen - with Jennifer de Jonge - Museum het Warenhuis


         Fingerlicking Good - Dutch Design Week


         Workshop Make cutlery (with Steinbeisser) - Gerrit Rietveld Academy

         Lecture 'Introducing Food design' (with Creative Chef and de Culinaire Werkplaats)-  Gerrit Rietveld Academy




'Where do we ant?' a three day workshop with the first and second year bachelors fine art of HKU

Home-made dinner with Julija Mockuté - Dinner Session - Grey Space in the Middle

"Schouw me aan"    Art Rotterdam x Aanschouw


'Urban Cannibalism' - Live radioshow with Expodium on Stranded.FM

Making a (fruit) salad - Lab days/ Open day at HKU Master Fine Art

Hunger Walk - a score for a collective walk in Werkspoorkwartier (Utrecht) - Expodium

Graduation show 2022 - Willem de Kooning Academy 

Group show - Creating connections and rethinking surroundings - De Wasserij

Textiel Bienale (Food for thought') - 'Diner van de Maatschappij' - Museum Rijswijk

Graduation party 'Making a salad' - Willem de Kooning Academy

Publieke Werken Rotterdam


'Food/Eten' - Simulacrum Magazine Vol. 29, no. 4 

Future Intel 

Film festival Rencontres Internationales Berlin/Paris New Cinema and contemporary art

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