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I am Parel Strik (Brussels, 1997) currently residing in Rotterdam. My artistic practice is about the transformative powers of encounters and dialogue in public space, with a deeper interest in fostering connections and exploring themes of hospitality, self-care and sustainability.


After graduating from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2022, where I explored the “Ingredients of an Encounter '' through Transformation Design, I am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Fine Art at HKU. In addition to that I play a pivotal role as a programmer and connector for the Rotterdamse Vrijheidsmaaltijden, where I orchestrate events celebrating freedom, diversity, and communal connections.


My working space is not confined to a studio, it extends into the public realm, where I facilitate experiences that invite people to come together.  I believe that the act of meeting each other at the dinner table is a means for coming together, sharing stories, and nurturing relationships.


Through my art, I aspire to nurture not only connections but also a deeper understanding of the care we extend to others, which is intrinsically tied to the care we offer ourselves.



















2020                                        ____

         Museumnacht Rotterdam -'Where do you sit?' - Het Nieuwe Instituut


         Grondstoffen - with Jennifer de Jonge - Museum het Warenhuis


         Fingerlicking Good - Dutch Design Week


         Workshop Make cutlery (with Steinbeisser) - Gerrit Rietveld Academy

         Lecture 'Introducing Food design' (with Creative Chef and de Culinaire Werkplaats)-  Gerrit Rietveld Academy




'Where do we ant?' a three day workshop with the first and second year bachelors fine art of HKU

Home-made dinner with Julija Mockuté - Dinner Session - Grey Space in the Middle

"Schouw me aan"    Art Rotterdam x Aanschouw


'Urban Cannibalism' - Live radioshow with Expodium on Stranded.FM

Making a (fruit) salad - Lab days/ Open day at HKU Master Fine Art

Hunger Walk - a score for a collective walk in Werkspoorkwartier (Utrecht) - Expodium

Graduation show 2022 - Willem de Kooning Academy 

Group show - Creating connections and rethinking surroundings - De Wasserij

Textiel Bienale (Food for thought') - 'Diner van de Maatschappij' - Museum Rijswijk

Graduation party 'Making a salad' - Willem de Kooning Academy

Publieke Werken Rotterdam


'Food/Eten' - Simulacrum Magazine Vol. 29, no. 4 

Future Intel 

Film festival Rencontres Internationales Berlin/Paris New Cinema and contemporary art

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