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Ingredients of an encounter

Graduation project 

'Ingredients of an encounter' tries to go against social alienation by placing dinner tables in public space. A multitude of dinners have been organized, which led to a set of ingredients (conditions) that stimulate strangers to meet at the dinner table. While these are my ingredients, I encourage you to make this your own so that you can meet strangers in a context of your choosing.

The lessons that these encounters have brought me, are incorporated in the installation that was shown during the graduation show, making both works ever-growing, formed and influenced by the guests and the hosts.

The outside table is for by-passers and visitors to eat and meet on, with the embroidered questions that stimulate the meetings. Each day of the graduation show a different meal was served on this tablecloth. The Graduation Show was from 13 - 17 July 2022.

What ingredients stimulate strangers to meet each other at the dinner table?

Ingredient 1.
There should be reciprocity.

Ingredient 2.
We need (particpating) humans.

Ingredient 3.
An encounter is fluid, and so are the roles you take up.

Ingredient 4.
Create an inclusive dinner where anyone can have a seat.

Ingredient 5.
The importance lies within the meeting itself. There is no control on how people continue.

You are invited to read my graduation thesis 'Ingredients of an Encounter' for a more elaborate insight in the research I have done.

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