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Where do you sit?

‘Where do you sit?’ is an interactive installation hosted on museumnacht of 2020 in Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

Installation - Parel Strik and Clara Harmssen

video - Parel Strik and Eva Bifet Tomas

"We are furnished by our manners and habits," says essayist and poet Lisa Robertson.

But what do these customs and behaviours actually say about us? The makers of this installation have noticed that they are attracted to tasks that were once attributed to women, such as cooking, cleaning, (re)educating, organizing and caring.


Which chair are you going to sit on? 

By inviting people who identify themselves as women to choose the chair that speaks to them, the installation ‘Where Do You Sit?’ creates space to reflect on (existing) role patterns. Join us and engage in the dialogue. Listen to the voices and find your own.


'Where do you sit?' focuses specifically on people who identify as women, 

but everyone is welcome.

An overview of the 'Where do you sit?’ installation hosted on museumnacht of 2020 in Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

The 'Where do you sit?' video that was shown in the installation.

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